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Welcome to our Firm!

We are a small CPA Firm serving clients along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Most of our clientele are in the “Panhandle” of Florida, but we serve clients all over the U.S. (and we have even had some in foreign countries).

We invite you to browse our Web Site to get acquainted and see how we can help manage your financial affairs and keep track of things.

Although we are a small firm, our people have experience in a wide variety of areas. Our specialty is the personal attention you get because you do not need to wade through layers of assistants before you get the person with whom you want to talk who can really help you solve your problem.

Please look at the “About Us” page to learn about our approach to how we serve our clients.

Then look at the “Services” page to see how we can help your specific industry or need.

  • Telephone...
  • (850) 476 - 6900
  • Fax...
  • (850) 476 - 1222
  • Carlson & Company, Chartered
  • 7100 Plantation Road
  • Building 21
  • Pensacola, FL 32504